About Us

Kanpekies is about the complete experience of a thoughful indulgence. 

We help you bring that little somethin' to a moment to be remembered or a kindness to be extended.

Not too sweet + just the right size - perfectly indulgent pecks of love.

Shortbread cookies, a classic baked treat simple + complex at the same time,  are hand-baked in small batches with all natural, high quality ingredients + organic fruit packaged to send your messages.

Butter, flour, sugar and salt handled with care, then richly baked with a lotta FLaVoR  + love, no artificial flavorings, no preservatives, no rbGH hormones, no trans fat.

Indulge yourself with a mid-afternoon bite, surprise a loved one or say a corporate thank you.

Personalized with color + art, we make the perfect party favor, gift, event + special occasion treat.

In a hometown like NY, where you can get anything, a unique gift has to have a little X-tra thought in addition to quality, presentation + attention to detail. For as long as I can remember growing up, my artsy parents were always creating - whether it was music, prints or something delicious to eat. Giving to each other usually meant making something inspired with heart. Crafting cookies + cards spreading smiles brings me back to a time of bliss that I hope to share with others as an architect turned baker.

Spread love n kindness one cookie at a time. 

Discover how a little thoughtfulness can go a long way...it's priceless.

Thank you for visiting, SHARE, INDULGE, ENJOY!
 **Kanpeki , n. (japanese): "perfect, complete"
We are eco-friendly + believe in being responsibly conscious of our environment and health.
To the extent possible, Kanpekies sources packaging made in the USA, recycled or  with recyclable materials + using green printers with a low impact print production policy.  We will continue, and strive to work with vendors, and suppliers who are committed to being environmentally conscious providing responsible products, and/or operating their company as such.